Warfare between the clans was nothing like the massive wars that raged in the south. Disputes between clans would usually be fought as a larger skirmish between armies of approximately 20-1000 men. Most Chiefs would avoid a large scale battle if they could.

One of the signature tactics of the Caerbic tribes was the, Scread’mor, or the Charge. The charge would start as a line, which would break into knots of men who would try to break through the enemy’s line. When combined with an eerie blood-curdling war-cry and the Caerbic reputation as being ferocious fighters, it was an effective tool under certain conditions, and succeeded in defeating larger forces on several occasions.

Generally, when Caer fought Caer, honor and courage were rewarded by a lenient attitude concerning the final kill. If during a feud, both side demonstrated prowess and courage… it was likely that the number of fatalities would be relatively low as each side “rewarded” the other by sparing as many warriors as possible. Only those who behaved in a cowardly manner would be killed. Thus each clan upheld its honor at minimum cost. When the clans faced the Lowlanders, however, especially those who would not stand and fight manfully, the slaughter that followed, resulted from contempt for cowardly behavior.

The Bagpipes were used to intimidate the enemy.


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