The Dark Age

After the disappearance of the Otarri, Aideon was thrust into a century of Anarchy and Chaos. Cities burn, and are raised to the ground; Civil Wars rage across the country side. Cultures return to their tribal nature. Those with great power form kingdoms to try and quell the chaos. After a hundred years of constant war, the world finally calms down, and civilisation begins to be rebuilt. Unfortunately the more extravagant technology of the Otarri was lost in the violence. AOD stands for After Otarri Disappearance

10 AOD

  • Otarrium is sacked by King Tyalf of the Morgalings.

34 AOD

  • The Dominus Paternis of the Trinity, Alihan moves the center of the Trinity Faith to Jenely in Canoltyr. Formation of the Jenelian Creed, which is the Profession of Faith.

55 AOD

  • Ottarrium is raided by King Jakob of the Horvadings.

76 AOD

  • Ottaviano Verulicus in an attempt to restore order crowns himself as King of the Otarri

78 AOD

  • Council of Sulaska- Creation of the Sulaski Creed, a profession of faith to the Trinity. Which replaces the Jenelian Creed

80 AOD

  • Ottaviano is killed by King Borgi of the Daemstraings when Otarrium is sacked for a third time. The city is left is burned and left as an empty skeleton

93 AOD

  • King Earnwulf leads his people, the Sashalings into Aethlund and begin to settle in North Aethlia, forming the Kingdom of Norwulfia

107 AOD

  • Lismor the Wolf settles the old Otarri castle of Argytos and renames it Gaer’Lismore.

113 AOD

  • Tribes of Clochgyn begin to invade South-West Aethlund, The Aethlic tribes band together to combat the invasion. Sabert of Aberwich is appointed as leader.

115 AOD

  • Battle of Auchthorpe Aethlic warriors and Clochgyn tribesmen clash in the fields outside of Auchthorpe. Sabert’s forces eventually defeat the Clochgyn after three days of fighting.
  • Sabert is crowned king of Aethlund and decrees that the Border Wall should be manned by warriors to prevent the Clochgyn from invading again.

125 AOD

  • The Encouragement of Thought is written by Cleric Arccus.

131 AOD

  • Stephen the Holy is crowned Emperor of the Trinity Empire. which encompasses Canoltyr and North Malnova and moves the Capital from Otarrium to Pravilla

148 AOD

  • The Six Kingdoms of Frynard are established.
  • The Vogithar begin to expand their kingdom into Hausvinga, Adlerberg, and Hrothingia

c150 AOD

  • The Masjid people begin to move into Aviumic Lands formerly controlled by the Otarri.
  • The Masjid believe in a similar religion to the Worship of the Trinity, but with a single deity opposed to three.

200 AOD

  • Peoples from Northern Svartikogur begin to settle in Dunlund, Burgundir, Breulund, and Aethlund.
  • King Leufroy of Burgundir begins a campaign to push the new peoples from his land.

204 AOD

  • Cleric Farazmon of the Holy Order of the Raven publishes Farazmon’s Calendar which This initiated the “After the Otarri Disappearance” era, used for the Stephonian calendar.


  • Eduard I is crowned the Eastern Otarri Emperor

229 AOD

  • Rolland of Ibainia founds the Friary at Langstel. Beginning of the Holy Order of St. Rolland.
  • The Rebah Riots in Pravila- over half of the city is burned, killing thousands.

249- 254 AOD

  • Narodite War begins in Malnova as Eduard I’s reconquest.

261 AOD

  • Saint Colomen founds a missionary in Fynachlog as an attempt to convert the Clochgyn to the Trinity.

265 AOD

  • The Kingdom of Lirica is founded in Western Malnova.

277 AOD

  • Aethlund is thrown into war as tensions between the Native Aethdyn and the Svartikoglings boils over.

289 AOD

  • After twelve years of bloody conflict, Aethlund is divided into four kingdoms, North Aethlia, Faichtalia, Beogandia, and Glanthia, with Beogandia being the only remaining pure Aethlic kingdom.

304 AOD

  • Tensions begin to brew between the Masjid Khaliphate and the Eastern Otarri Empire

306- 329 AOD

  • The First Otarri-Masjid War. The War leaves both empires exhausted.

310 AOD

  • Grethor the Great becomes Patriarch of the Trinity Church.

313 AOD

  • Eduard V begins construction of the Great Walls of Pravilla

325 AOD

  • The North Aethlic Army under Botwulf defeats the Beogandic Army at Swinwhite

331 AOD

  • The Masjid Army under Abdur Rahmaan Younes takes Xirasol and names it the capital of the Masjid Khaliphate.

334 AOD

  • Battle of Hammajar- the Masjid Empire conquers and annexes the Mahad region

342 AOD

  • Siege of Pravilla- The Masjid Army lays siege to Pravilla, but thanks to the walls constructed by Eduard V, the Masjid Army is defeated.

369 AOD

  • Establishment of Grangorian Empire.

387 AOD

  • Battle of Gaetbayl- North Aethlic and Caerbic Forces clash near Gaetbayl. The Caer’Duine are pushed back to north of the Giant’s Teeth.

401 AOD

  • Horseling tribes take control of the Eastern Regions of Kreccia and Tracina.

424-468 AOD

  • The War of the Six Thrones- Frynard breaks out in Civil war between the six kingdoms. By the end of the conflict nothing was gained between the kingdoms.

492 AOD

  • Seeing the weakness of Dunland. King Eoforweald of Glanthia invades Dunland with the backing of King Bedhelm of Faichtallia.

499 AOD

  • A peace treaty is signed between Dunland and Glanthia

499-Present AOD

  • The beginning of the rivalry between Northern Frynard and Aethland.

519 AOD

  • Karlaz I becomes Holy Emperor of the Otarri.

525 AOD

  • Valtora is invaded by Khaliph Kamyar Velvan

531 AOD

  • Battle of Scarma Jarger Merlyn defeats the Masjid Army, halting their advance into Aideon.

545 AOD

  • Birth of Caelach MacLismore

542 AOD

  • Birth of Aonghas


  • Birth of Aethlas
  • Birth of Bjorn Thal Velson

553 AOD

  • Birth of Ealfith of Glanthia

562 AOD

  • Raid on Kirkfair by Skaldar, Signals the beginning of the Skaldik Invasions.


  • Birth of Wynda An’Leon
  • Aethlas is knighted into the Red Guard.

566 AOD

  • Ealfith is Married to King Wulfa of Faichtallia

576 AOD

  • Wynda is married to Hrodgar
  • King Wulfa is assassinated.
  • Aethlas is appointed Captain of the Red Guard
  • Faichtalia declares war on North Aethlia

577 AOD

  • Beginning of the Siege of Torcbayl

578 AOD

  • King Wulfa is mortally wounded by an arrow.
  • The death of King Wulfa signals the end of the siege.
  • Queen Wynda disappears
  • Queen Ealfith annexes North Aethlia, and puts out a bounty for the capture of Wynda.
  • The beginning of the MacLismore Cycle.
  • Luil 19th, 578- Death of Lachlan MacLismore and Finian MacTalamard

The Dark Age

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