Tag: Town


  • Lismorg

    Sitting on the banks of Loch Lismore, the town of Lismorg is home to approximately 200 clan members. Perched atop the rocky headland, Gaer'Lismore, the seat of Clan MacLismore over looks the village. About 500 yards from the village is Duachwood, an …

  • Altnach

    The hamlet of Altnach is home to [[MacAmbraise | Clan MacAmbraise]]. It is home to about 50 people.

  • Enneham

    Enneham is a settlement of Skaldar. It was settled a year ago by [[:beogar-shieldbreaker | Beogar Shieldbreaker]] and other members of the Bjornings. Not many clansmen have visited the settlement out of fear of being killed by the Skaldar, who are known …

  • Bremlach

    Bremlach is the home to [[O'Allistair | Clan O'Allistair]]. It is positioned on the western shore of Loch Bremchaid.