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  • North Aethlia

    [[File:523184 | class=media-item-align-center | 232x246px | North_Aethlia.png]] Blazon: _Parted per cross azure and vert, boar passant or, langued gules._ North Aethlia is the northern most kingdom of Aethlund. It's capital is Torcbaile. It is ruled by …

  • Gaetbaylshire

    The province of Gaethbayl Shire is ruled by [[:finian-mactalamard | Earl Finian MacTalamard]]. The population is fairly spread out in small hamlets, villages, and farmsteads. Most of the canton is rolling his with sparse groves of hardwoods with a small …

  • Queen Wynda

    Her father was killed in battle, and she grew up under the care of her uncle, the Earl of Gaetbayl. She was married to King Hrodgar after her 14th birthday.