The Heimurinn Chronicles

The Maclismore Cycle: New Faces, Life, and Death

Session Four

Lunasa 4th 578 TA
This chapter begins with a new face, Aisling Nic’Branna.
After ten days of travel through torrential downpour, the young Aisling arrived at Gaer’Lismore. As she tried to enter the Keep, she was halted by the gate guards, who refused her entry, due to the unfortunate events leading up to this point. Eventually Tasgall, the castellan was called and tried to turn the young girl away, believing her to be a witch, and not wanting any curses to befall the clan. Fortunately Aonghas had overheard the discussion and sensing some magical presence from the girl, he was able to grant her entry to the castle. He led her to the hall where he asked why she had come to the clan. Aisling explained that she had been visited by a strange woman, mature yet impossibly young. At first she had ignored the woman, but after repeated dreams, she decided to heed the woman’s request and head to Lismorg. Her mother Branna was at first afraid to lose her daughter, but resigned to what the gods had decided.

That night Aisling had a dream, where she was her wolf, Fiain. In the dream she found a grove of sweet smelling trees which underneath held several dead bodies. When she awoke she felt unrested.

Lunasa 5th
During the mid-morning meal Aisling had told the clan of her dream. Interested in the dream, they asked the Master-of-the-Hunt, if he knew of any place like that in the Duachwood. He said he knew of a few places. With this the clan set off to hopefully find more information on the possible dead bodies.
On the Giant’s Road, they ran across a shepherd boy tending a herd. He was surprised to see Caelach, and quickly told him about the bodies he had found in a black cherry grove about a league back. He lead them to the site, and they were greeted by the horror of decaying corpses. The rain had caused them to decay much faster, and the stench filled the air. Among the bodies Aonghas found several clan badges from MacLismore, Black, and Mor’Muir. They searched the surrounding area and found a scrap of black cloth, most likely from a tabard. They sent messengers to Clan Black and the lesser clans to find out if anyone was missing.

Lunasa 8th
Etain returned, bringing with her kilts and armour that her men had found approximately two miles from the village that had been sacked. She accepted that MacLismore had not attacked her town, with the evidence that had been discovered under the black cherry trees.

Lunasa 16th
The Clan recieved a letter from Queen Ealfith stating how her armies had defeated those of Glanthia. Despite being outnumbered greatly

Lunasa 34th
This day marked the gathering of the clans to discuss what to do about Queen Ealfith’s offer. Athair MacAmbriase wanted Highland Justice, to be taken. Shane Dunaith wanted to help the queen, as a way to guarentee their saftey. Jacob MacDairmid agreed with Shane. Allistair O’Alistair wanted to know if the Queen even had the 10,000 dalers promised. Fortunately Syr Leobold was able to talk down Jacob and Shane from leaving the clan. Beogar was quiet and he stated that he didn’t come to this country to fight, but if he must he would.

Seachtair 6th
Letter from Angus Dunaith (one of the scouts sent to the south)
Crossed Giant’s Teeth, Lunasa 4th
Nord Crossing on Lunasa 6th
Arrived Edenford, Lunasa 14th
Arrived Queensglen, Lunasa 23rd
- Met three knights of the Red Guard to take ferry to Kingskeld for unknown reason
Arrived at Gaerblaiid on Seachtair 2nd
Made 576 Dalers on cattle
Only people: old men and women
Battle of Darkdrum won by Faichtalia
Mercenaries and rumor of trolls being used in battle

*Seachtair 19th
*A messenger arrived from Robert Graegor who had come with a request from the newly crowned king. The clan told him that they would think of the offer.

Fomhair 17th
Aisling was spoken to by Tasgall, asking for her help to kidnap a girl named Wynda, He tells her that he can help her mother, make her a baroness, and give her everything she could ever want., but all she has to do is marry him. He told her that if she stayed with the clan, she would be destroyed.
Aisling went to Leobold and Aonghas with this information, They went to confront Tasgall, but his room was empty. And now that they thought about it. They hadn’t seen Tasgall for a few weeks, which was strange. They found a half written letter saying, “I have found her, she is here.” They hurriedly checked in on Wynda, who was fine. Leobold stayed with her while Aisling and Aonghas searched for the missing Castellan.
Using Fiain to follow the scent they eventually discovered a grave containing the week old body of Tasgall.near the lake.
Back at the Castle, the door to Wynda’s chambers opened, as Flora, who had become close friends with Wynda brought her food as usual. After Wynda and Flora played chess for a while, Leobold noticed Wynda was acting strangely. Suddenly Flora was upon him slashing at him with a dagger. They struggled, before Leobold finally pushed Flora away and let out a war-cry. To his surprise Flora changed into a mirror image of him.

As Aisling and Aonghas returned to the castle, they ran into Flora taking food to Wynda. As they headed to her quarters. As they approached They heard a cry and sprinted towards the chamber. Upon entering they were presented with two Leobolds. Aonghas using his druid magics figured out which was the true Leobold and attacked the imposter. Aisling ran to check on Wynda, but was attacked by the assassin who said, “You had your chance! She’s mine!” Leobold and Aonghas fell on the attacker, but their steel did little to harm them, but Aonghas remembering his teachings jabbed his dagger into the assassins kidney and the creature let out a horrid scream and fell to the floor, the visage fading into a horrible creature with no face, pointed ears and grey skin.

The desision was made that Wynda was no longer safe in the castle, and a plan was devised to smuggle her to Enneham, under the guise as Leobold’s sister. There she would stay until Gaer’Ysbryd could be renovated, since it was a known magical dead zone.

Eanair 9th 579 TA
Word arrived from Enneham that Wynda had given birth to a healthy baby boy who was named, Hroda.



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