Aonghas- Druid of MacLismore


Standing rather tall and thin for the people of the region, Aonghus nevertheless strikes an imposing figure. His frame, though light, is hardened by years of life and survival, not to mention self-abrogation, but that is not the first thing often noticed. His ice blue eyes contrast starkly with his deep brown, almost shadowy, hair grown long on top and shaved to the pale white scalp beneath. Careful attention and the right light will reveal intricate black and red patterns peeking out of his sleeves onto his hands and across his chest. What these patterns may mean is a mystery to most viewers, but an intimidating sign that this individual is well acquainted with darker arts better left unknown.


While Aonghus has led something of a privileged life, given the opportunity to travel with and study under such an esteemed individual, he keeps a rather level head when it comes to matters of his clan. With security his sole goal, he fights to keep the leadership and clansman together and in harmony despite the drama of daily life and the scandals of late. While he is generally rather brave despite his sometimes pessimistic outlook, fear of unrest and losing the peace he has worked so hard to maintain drives him to take sometimes drastic actions to save what scrap of security for his clan that he can…

Aonghas- Druid of MacLismore

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