The Heimurinn Chronicles

Life, Death and Secrets

Flora died in child birth.
Wealdfolk in forest
Party at Minsk.
Gaer’Ysbryd encounter
angry owl.

The Maclismore Cycle: New Faces, Life, and Death
Session Four

Lunasa 4th 578 TA
This chapter begins with a new face, Aisling Nic’Branna.
After ten days of travel through torrential downpour, the young Aisling arrived at Gaer’Lismore. As she tried to enter the Keep, she was halted by the gate guards, who refused her entry, due to the unfortunate events leading up to this point. Eventually Tasgall, the castellan was called and tried to turn the young girl away, believing her to be a witch, and not wanting any curses to befall the clan. Fortunately Aonghas had overheard the discussion and sensing some magical presence from the girl, he was able to grant her entry to the castle. He led her to the hall where he asked why she had come to the clan. Aisling explained that she had been visited by a strange woman, mature yet impossibly young. At first she had ignored the woman, but after repeated dreams, she decided to heed the woman’s request and head to Lismorg. Her mother Branna was at first afraid to lose her daughter, but resigned to what the gods had decided.

That night Aisling had a dream, where she was her wolf, Fiain. In the dream she found a grove of sweet smelling trees which underneath held several dead bodies. When she awoke she felt unrested.

Lunasa 5th
During the mid-morning meal Aisling had told the clan of her dream. Interested in the dream, they asked the Master-of-the-Hunt, if he knew of any place like that in the Duachwood. He said he knew of a few places. With this the clan set off to hopefully find more information on the possible dead bodies.
On the Giant’s Road, they ran across a shepherd boy tending a herd. He was surprised to see Caelach, and quickly told him about the bodies he had found in a black cherry grove about a league back. He lead them to the site, and they were greeted by the horror of decaying corpses. The rain had caused them to decay much faster, and the stench filled the air. Among the bodies Aonghas found several clan badges from MacLismore, Black, and Mor’Muir. They searched the surrounding area and found a scrap of black cloth, most likely from a tabard. They sent messengers to Clan Black and the lesser clans to find out if anyone was missing.

Lunasa 8th
Etain returned, bringing with her kilts and armour that her men had found approximately two miles from the village that had been sacked. She accepted that MacLismore had not attacked her town, with the evidence that had been discovered under the black cherry trees.

Lunasa 16th
The Clan recieved a letter from Queen Ealfith stating how her armies had defeated those of Glanthia. Despite being outnumbered greatly

Lunasa 34th
This day marked the gathering of the clans to discuss what to do about Queen Ealfith’s offer. Athair MacAmbriase wanted Highland Justice, to be taken. Shane Dunaith wanted to help the queen, as a way to guarentee their saftey. Jacob MacDairmid agreed with Shane. Allistair O’Alistair wanted to know if the Queen even had the 10,000 dalers promised. Fortunately Syr Leobold was able to talk down Jacob and Shane from leaving the clan. Beogar was quiet and he stated that he didn’t come to this country to fight, but if he must he would.

Seachtair 6th
Letter from Angus Dunaith (one of the scouts sent to the south)
Crossed Giant’s Teeth, Lunasa 4th
Nord Crossing on Lunasa 6th
Arrived Edenford, Lunasa 14th
Arrived Queensglen, Lunasa 23rd
- Met three knights of the Red Guard to take ferry to Kingskeld for unknown reason
Arrived at Gaerblaiid on Seachtair 2nd
Made 576 Dalers on cattle
Only people: old men and women
Battle of Darkdrum won by Faichtalia
Mercenaries and rumor of trolls being used in battle

*Seachtair 19th
*A messenger arrived from Robert Graegor who had come with a request from the newly crowned king. The clan told him that they would think of the offer.

Fomhair 17th
Aisling was spoken to by Tasgall, asking for her help to kidnap a girl named Wynda, He tells her that he can help her mother, make her a baroness, and give her everything she could ever want., but all she has to do is marry him. He told her that if she stayed with the clan, she would be destroyed.
Aisling went to Leobold and Aonghas with this information, They went to confront Tasgall, but his room was empty. And now that they thought about it. They hadn’t seen Tasgall for a few weeks, which was strange. They found a half written letter saying, “I have found her, she is here.” They hurriedly checked in on Wynda, who was fine. Leobold stayed with her while Aisling and Aonghas searched for the missing Castellan.
Using Fiain to follow the scent they eventually discovered a grave containing the week old body of Tasgall.near the lake.
Back at the Castle, the door to Wynda’s chambers opened, as Flora, who had become close friends with Wynda brought her food as usual. After Wynda and Flora played chess for a while, Leobold noticed Wynda was acting strangely. Suddenly Flora was upon him slashing at him with a dagger. They struggled, before Leobold finally pushed Flora away and let out a war-cry. To his surprise Flora changed into a mirror image of him.

As Aisling and Aonghas returned to the castle, they ran into Flora taking food to Wynda. As they headed to her quarters. As they approached They heard a cry and sprinted towards the chamber. Upon entering they were presented with two Leobolds. Aonghas using his druid magics figured out which was the true Leobold and attacked the imposter. Aisling ran to check on Wynda, but was attacked by the assassin who said, “You had your chance! She’s mine!” Leobold and Aonghas fell on the attacker, but their steel did little to harm them, but Aonghas remembering his teachings jabbed his dagger into the assassins kidney and the creature let out a horrid scream and fell to the floor, the visage fading into a horrible creature with no face, pointed ears and grey skin.

The desision was made that Wynda was no longer safe in the castle, and a plan was devised to smuggle her to Enneham, under the guise as Leobold’s sister. There she would stay until Gaer’Ysbryd could be renovated, since it was a known magical dead zone.

Eanair 9th 579 TA
Word arrived from Enneham that Wynda had given birth to a healthy baby boy who was named, Hroda.

The MacLismore Cycle: The Return of Syr Luitbald

The ride north from Torcbayl was dreary and slow. Rain poured from the skies, your cloak helping little against the torrent. The palfrey was a poor replacement for your destrier which you lost in the Battle of Gaestfeld. Your thoughts dwell on the sacking of Torcbayl, and the death of King Hrodgar and Queen Wynda weighs heavy on your conscience. At least their heads weren’t placed on pikes. As you pass through the line of cyclopean monoliths called the Giant’s Teeth, a shiver runs through your body; a feeling you’ve never felt. You press on as the world grows darker as night falls. Eventually you make out the lights of the town of Lismorg. Spurred on by the desire to look upon friendly faces and to have good food again. You ride through the mud-stricken streets and up towards the castle of Gaer’Lismore. A pair of guards armed with spears approach you as you reach the gate.
“Ach! Who goes there!?” the taller one calls.
“Luitbald Greatmane.”
“Oh!? Come! I dinnae recognize you!” They lead you into the bailey and help you dismount. They take the palfrey into the stables and you head into the keep. You hang your sodden cloak on a peg and run your hands through your hair in an attempt to dry yourself before stepping into the hall.

The doors swing open and you are greeted by surprised faces, shortly replaced by smiles. Caelach leapt from his chair, stumbled, but caught himself and grabs you. You can smell ale on his breath.
“Luitbald! How’ve you been! Got any brave war stories to share!?” he cries.
“I’d prefer if we didn’t talk about the war,” you request.
“Of Course! Come sit! Eat! you must be weary!” Caelach leads you to the table, and gives you a the chair. Two young woman sit across from you, one you recognize as Breilyn; Caelach’s adopted elf-cousin. The other you don’t recognize. She’s quite beautiful and her raven hair is braided across her shoulder.
“Caelach? who is this maiden? I do not recognize her?”
“Oh, that’s Flora, Aonghas is helping her with her headaches and nightmares.”
“Pleasure to make your acquaintance,” you say. She nods but doesn’t say much. You realize that the druid Aonghas is not present.
“Where is Aonghas?” you ask.
“He’s helping…” begins Breilyn. She shoots a look to Caelach, who nods. “He’s helping Wynda, she’s been having pains.”
“Wynda? The Queen?! She’s alive?”
“Yes. Finian brought her here.”
“Earl Talamard is here? Where is Lachlan?” you ask. Silence falls over the hall.
“They’re dead… Both felled by an assassin’s blade,” mutters Caelach.
“What?” Dread falls over you. “Who sent them?”
“We don’t know… We think it was either King Cuthberht of Glanthia, or Queen Ealfith of Faichtalia,” explains Caelach.
“These surely are dark times…” you whisper.

The MacLismore Cycle: Letters, Wisps, and Accusations
Session Three

Luil 29th 578, Third Age of Mankind

After the death of Lachlan MacLismore, the remaining members of the clan have become uneasy. They recieved two letters, one for a “Chief MacLismore”, and one for a “Lady MacLismore”. The one for the Chief was from Queen Ealfith, stating that her brother, King Cuthberht’s army, numbering 8,000 strong was marching towards the town of Darkdrum. She begged for their help and said she would raise the payment of 7,000 dalers to 10,000 dalers if they would lend assistance.
The other letter was for Breilyn from Syr Athelas. It was a letter about how her beauty was a sight for weary eyes. With all of the current happenings, Breilyn was unsure of whether it was truth or some fabrication.

They called a council of Tasgal Grand, the Master-at-Arms; Cranog Maddoc, the Castellan; and Wynda. Tasgal was furious about Lachlan’s death and called for joining Queen Ealfith’s Cause. Cranog was more wary, saying that it was not their fight. Wynda was completely against joining, “that treacherous slattern.” By the end of it all, the clan decided to send a pigeon to King Cuthberht asking for clarification on the “rumors they had heard”. They also sent a group of four clansmen under the guise of cattle drivers to gather information in the south. Aonghas also revealed that the journal he had been given by the Mor’Druid Gwydia had given him another page of the Mor’Druid Emrys Fidgen’s writing; detailing the story of the Lost Blade of Lismor the Wolf.

On the bewitching hour of the 31st of Luil, Breilyn was awakened by Aakko pawing and mewling at her apartment door. When she opened the door, the catamount slipped out and down the hall. Worrying that he was going to wander off she followed. The puma lead her out of the keep, through the village and towards the Duachwood.
There among the trees she saw a light, similar to the one that she had seen previously during the hunting outing.
Aakko stalked the light through the underbrush, eventually leading Breilyn to a clearing. The cat pawed at the ground as if searching for something in the dirt. She fell to her knees and began to scrape away the earth. There was a rumble of thunder, followed by a cracking, and she fell into darkness.

She found herself in a dark stone room. The moonlight illuminated the surroundings, and she could make out sconces in the walls. The torches were wet with pitch, despite being underground for an unknown amount of time. She found flint and steel and managed to get one of the torches lit. Aakko paced at the rim of the hole, searching for a way down to his beloved partner. He slids down a pile of stones which blocked a staircase that lead to the surface. Whispers could be heard in the darkness, but as Breilyn called out to them they did not respond. A breath could be heard, uttering, “MacLismore… MacLismore…” A light appeared in one of the three passages. She heard the breath speak again, “Come….. Come….” She felt the darkness grow, despite the torchlight. She knelt, and asked Aakko, to head back to the castle and get her cousin and the druid. He whimpered, but reluctantly clambered up the stairs and out to find help…

Meanwhile, back at Gaer’Lismore, guards had roused Caelach and Aonghas, informing them that Breilyn had wandered in the Dark Wood. Caelach and Aonghas, fearing for their cousin’s well being sprinted to the timberland. Once their, Aonghas used his druidic abilities to search for the elf-girl. He gained sight of the clearing and her falling into blackness, as well as the path she took. As they hurried through the dark trunks, they heard a rustling. They froze and drew their weapons when they saw a pair of eyes watching them from among the foilage. Fortunately it was Breilyn’s puma. They let out a sigh of relief, and as Aakko turned, they followed him to the barrow, Breilyn had discovered.

Now joined by her clansmen, Brielyn pointed out the wisp, but the others couldn’t see it. As they approached, it vanished. But as they continued down the passage, they came to a stone door, carved with a wolf. The runes on the door read “Lismor the Wolf” The forest light floated in front of it, and slid through the door. Aonghas felt an ancient magic behind the door. Caelach and Breiliyn pushed it open, and they found themselves in a cavern with a waterfall, and a lone stone slab against the far wall. Atop the slab was a body that appeared not to have any signs of decay. Aonghas noticed that the hair shifted between green and brown.
As Caelach approached, the corpse’s eyes shot open, but instead of eyes there was green fire. It stood and drew a massive sword of Black Steel. It swung at Caelach, biting into his armour. Breilyn, terrified did her best to remain hidden. Aakko on the otherhand, his fur bristling, lept at the wight and racked the beings form, but the creature tossed the cat aside. Aonghas thinking back to his knowledge of magic, drew his dagger and plunged it into the side of the draugr. The wight shrieked an unearthly scream and exploded into green flame, throwing everyone back, it’s sword clattering to the floor. Caelach retrieved the blade and in his head he heard a raspy voice say, “I am not your’s”. Aonghas was given the same message when he held the blade. Breilyn though; the blade said “I am not your’s she-elf” They returned to the castle, well worn by the nights events.

On the 35th of Luil, the clan had barely finished their morning meal when the doors to the great hall were thrown open and an imposing woman, with dark hair and eyeliner strode in; her bear-skin cloak billowing behind her. She was followed by a young girl of 13 with auburn hair and 10 of her own clansmen.
CAELACH!” she shouted. She stepped up to the new chief and knocked him to the floor, bloodying his nose in the process. “I DEMAND TO KNOW WHY YOU ATTACKED THE TOWN OF ARDIFF!” The clansmen of MacLismore had no idea what she was talking about. Aonghas used his druidic powers to see what she was talking about. He was greeted by a horrific sight: houses burned, the bodies of men, women and children scatted across the ground, and sheep and cattle slaughtered. Aonghas was able to calm down Etain, but she demanded to have answers and gave them one week to discover who attacked her village, or else there would be blood to pay…

The MacLismore Cycle: Blood, Boars, and Wolves
Session Two

Luil 19th, 578, Third Age of Mankind

The banners of the column slowly came into view. Emblazoned was, Parted per pale sable and gules, dexter eagle displayed toward sinister argent, sinister wolf head couped gules., The arms of the Queendom of Faichtalia. The column pulled into the bailey of Gaer’Lismore, where Sir Athelas introduced Clan MacLismore to Queen Ealfith, Queen of Faichtalia and Regent of North Aethlia/ Followed by a fray* who was hunched and aged.

The Queen requested to go hunting for boar in the Duachwood, the forest north of Lismorg. On the way to the forest, Athelas picked a flower and gave it to Breilyn, saying, “A beautiful flower for a beautiful Lady.”

Breilyn and Aonghas helped her track the beast untill it was cornered. Ealfith shot it in the shoulder, enraging the pig; which subsequently charged the Queen’s palfrey. But before the creature could make it to the Queen, Breilyn’s companion catamount, Aakko, lept at the boar, tearing its throat out with his powerful jaws.

Once back the keep, Breilyn and Aonghas had a conference with Ealfith about her visit. Ealfith explained:

“I have come to you during grave times for my country; with the death of my husband,” she pauses, holding back tears, “Two years ago… He was assassinated by a slayer sent by King Hrodgar of North Aethlia, prompting a war between us. My spies in the King of Glanthia’s court have told me that my brother seeks to usurp my throne. The war with North Aethlia has left my forces weary and battered; Knowing the might of the Caer’Duine in battle, I hoped that you would happily lend your axes and swords to my cause.”

Aonghas replied “This war has been costly for us as well, despite our non-involvement. It has effected our cattle sales, as well as other trade avenues.”

“I understand, I am not asking you to make a decision now, But please consider it. Now, shall we feast and drink, and pray to the end of these dark days,” requested Ealfith.

After the feast, Breilyn headed for her chambers. She noticed the door was cracked and a fire had been lit in the hearth. She approached cautiously, and as she pushed the door open she noticed the hooded Fray from earlier was seated staring at the fire.

“What are you doing here?!” she cried. Aakko growled at the hooded man.
“I have come here to talk to you Breilyn MacLismore. I am Olek, of the Gaerblaidd Monastery. I have noticed that you are unlike the peoples here. You are of Elven Blood.”
“So?” asked Breilyn. The man pushed back his hood to reveal pale skin and long pointed ears and dark eyes. Breilyn gasped, as she had never met another elf. She immediatly spouted all of the questions that had been building in her mind.
Olek gave her a weak smile, “Let me explain about myself, and why I have come to you. Please sit.” Breilyn sat next to the fire, her eyes wide with expectation and interest. She felt like she was a child again, listening to her Adopted father Watcyn MacLismore telling her stories.

“About a hundred years ago, I was banished from the Alflands for a crime I did not commit. I found a place at the Tromsla Monastery in Fennvirland, where I converted to the Worship of the Trinity. After maybe sixty years, I returned to my home, where I met Heraa (lord) Karvonen, and his lady-wife Jaloburu. I stayed with them for a while. Oh how I remember the great fire, and the crib nearby… "
“One day, Jaloburu came to me with a request. Her daughter, Jamila, was to be cast into the sea. She asked me to take her daughter to a place where she could be safe. I agreed and took the Alfling with me on my return to Aideon. But as we were crossing Yggurhaggf, a great storm over took the ship and we were swept out to sea, and eventually the boat sank. When I awoke, I found myself on pale sand, and there was no child to be found. I had come across a Princess riding on the beach, Emma of Glanthia. She recognized that I was a member of the cloth and made me apart of her council. When she died in childbirth to Ealfith, I was tasked to care for the child, which brought me such pain, as she reminded me of the babe I had lost. I made certain to keep the young princess out of danger. When she was married to King Wulfa of Faichtalia I went with her. And now, Ealfith has brought me here, to this country, where I have found you… Jamila.”

Breilyn was astounded by the tale. “But how could it be me? How can I be Jamila? I couldn’t be who you think I am.”
“Child,” cooed Olek, “I recognize your eyes; your ears. Elves all have unique ears… I have come to tell you, that I can take you to your true home. But you must help Ealfith, Once the kingdoms are at peace then I can take time away from my duties, as Fray.”
Breilyn didn’t know what to say.
“Could I be alone please?” she asked.
“Of course child, may the trinity guide you.” He bowed and hobbled out the room.

Aakko sidled up to Breilyn and she hugged him and held him close. His rumbling purr soothing her.

Later that night, Aonghas woke with a start. Roused from his slumber by the scream of Flora MacAmbraise. The youngling was bolt upright in her bed. Her eyes full of terror and she was covered in cold sweat. He cradled the girl and she told him of her nightmare.

“I saw three beasts, an aged wolf, and a wounded boar… There was another wolf, black as night and eyes as red as fire. It attacked the aged wolf and boar and slaughtered them both. I saw a family of wolves, a dog and bitch, both unmated, Their hearts had been stolen and their throats torn out.” After Flora’s account she could say no more. Shortly after a scream could be heard from the castle.

Aonghas sprinted to the yard where a maid was distraught, she could barely speak between the sobs but directed him to a hallway where a guard, who was the maid’s husband, lay unmoving. Breilyn arrived shortly after Aonghas.

He had marks on his neck from a rope being tightened. The sounds of steel clashing could be heard from upstairs. As the pair headed up the staircase, they came upon the sight of Sir Athelas plunging his sword into the stomach of a hooded man. He told them that there was two more who ran up the stairs. Aonghas knew that that was the direction of Lachlan’s chambers, and the room where Finian was staying.

They first entered Lachlan’s room, but when Aonghas moved to wake the Chief, his hand touched blood. A great roar came from the next room. As they burst in, they saw Finian wielding his black steel Axe, in an attempt to fend off his assailants, two hooded men. Aakko attacked the closest one, pinning him to the ground, where Breilyn thrust her dirk into the man’s collar. As she withdrew her blade, she was sprayed with blood. Before Aonghas could subdue the other, the assassin plunged his stiletto into the neck of Finian, killing him. Aonghas then knocked out the assassin.Design11.jpg

They interrogated him but gained barely information, save for the letter which bore the crest of the Kingdom of Glanthia. On the ruby-bronze daggers they discovered a symbol, A fist clutching a dagger. The assassin was executed and Aonghas politely asked the Queen to leave. Which she agreed with as she had already decided to return to her kingdom. Before the Queen’s party left, Athelas made sure to say goodbye to Breilyn.

*Fray: A monk of the Trinity

The MacLismore Cycle: The Beginning
Session One

Luil 14th 578 AOD

Our tale begins on the fourteenth day of the month of Luil. The Clan MacLismore has gathered at Gaer’Lismore for the Comdhail and the Games. The games are a time for members of the clan to test their strength and martial prowess.

The fields surrounding the keep of Gaer’Lismore were usually empty, save for the herds of highland cattle and sheep. But today, a small city of tents and stalls had sprung up as the clans under the Great Clan MacLismore gathered for the Comdhail and the following games. Caelach, a man of short stature and auburn hair wandered through the passages between the assembled pavilions.
By his side, a new addition to the clan; Bjorn Thal Velson, a replanted Skaldar from the north lands. Bjorn was much taller than Caelach, standing at least three heads greater. His fair hair and beard danced in the breeze coming off of Loch Lismore. His chest was broad and his arms thick.
The pair found their way to the central market, where clansmen peddled their wears and traded goods. Young children dashed in and out of the bustle of their elders, laughing, screaming and shouting. Caelach’s face darkened and he searched for the closest ale cask and filled his horn. He could feel Bjorn’s steel eyes watching him as he drained the horn and replenished it. The Skaldi moved in, brushing Caelach aside as he filled his own horn.
“You drink very much,” grunted the northman. Caelach wiped a dribble of ale from his chin with his sleeve. He gave the northman a sideways grin. Bjorn had yet to fully grasp the Caerbic language, and it still made Caelach smile.
“That is a deep praise coming from you.”
“As I say in the north, you is éngi tvagallmák,” laughed Bjorn.
“What does that mean?” chuckled Caelach. Bjorn’s face screwed up trying to come up with the Caerbic words.
“Not weak gut,” he hammered out. Caelach raised his horn.
“Kalg!” exclaimed the northman. They both pointed their horns to the sky and drained them of ale. Bjorn clapped Caelach on the shoulder.
“Methinks you have found eyes,” whispered the northman.
“Huh?” blinked Caelach. Bjorn jerked his blonde head towards a nearby stall. Caelach peered through the throng towards the direction indicated. His eyes fell upon a woman with hair like the feathers of a raven, and eyes of a summer oak. Their eyes met for a moment before her face turned red and she looked back down at the bolts of cloth she was inspecting. He recognized her instantly. She was Flora MacAmbraise-Evinyn. Bjorn looked down at Caelach.
“She know you?” he questioned.
“Hmm?” murmered Caelach turning his head, but his eyes were transfixed on Flora.
“She know you?” repeated the northman.
“Oh, yes. I’ll be right back,” said Caelach taking a swig before making his way towards the raven maiden.

Caelach casually slid up next to Flora. Her emerald eyes shot towards him and blush filled her cheeks and she kept inspecting the folds of plaid.
“Hello Flora,” he smiled. Her face burned.
“Hello Caelach…” she muttered. Caelach could feel the grin of the weaver. He looked at the greying woman. She beamed, winked, and stepped out from behind the stall, leaving the pair to themselves. Flora wore a simple blouse and bodice with a blue and purple tartan skirt.
“You look very beautiful this day,” said Caelach. Flora twirled a loose jet strand around her finger and bit her lip.
“Thank you,” she grinned meekly.
“Are you going to compete in the games?” she asked.
“Of course!” boasted Caelach. He leaned close. “I plan to fight for your hand in the melee.” She gave him a weak smile and rubbed her neck.
“Just be careful…” she murmured.
“I always am!” he proclaimed. She allowed him a small chuckle and turned back to the fabrics.
“They are so beautiful! Elfyn is so talented,” praised Flora.
“Thank you lassie.” The greying weaver had returned.
“What would you like for this one?” asked Flora, holding up a red and purple tartan.
“Hmmm, that one would be four boars.” Flora’s face fell.
“Oh, I don’t think I could afford that…” she lamented.
“Here.” Caelach reached into the folds of his kilt and withdrew five golden coins with a relief of a boar etched into once side and handed them to the weaver. Elfyn counted the coins and made to give one back, but Caelach refused.
“Keep it,” he grinned. The weaver’s face lit up.
“Much appreciated!” she cried before lifting the bolt of cloth and handing it to Flora.
“Here you go lass, you better make something beautiful with that!” she winked.
“Caelach! How could I ever thank you!” she cooed. Caelach grinned, leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers.
“Like so,” he said, giving her a wry smile.

The Druid Aonghas was reunited for his sister Ysued, during the Druid’s Moot. The druids discussed the standing stones growing power and how the sacred groves are becoming more active. The Druid Brynmor, while smoking his massive pipe of pipeleaf claimed to see Selkies and Merrow among the waves of Loch Bremchaid. Yet due to his over saturation of pipeleaf, most of the druids dismissed his claim.
Ysued expressed her concern of Flora’s repeated night terrors, and migranes which appeared to have been occurring more and more frequent. She asked her brother Aonghas to help her discern the cause of the ailment.

Before the Games could commence, the sound of trumpets hailed the arrival of a group of Skaldar lead by Beogar Shield-Breaker. The northmen explained that they have settled the town of Enneham. They brought gifts as a sign of good will.

Aonghas entered the archery competition and came in second behind Linia MacAmbraise.
During the Melee Caelach, Aonghas, Bjorn and, Ingrid defeated Linia MacAmbraise, Robern MacAmbraise, Hamish O’Allistair and Argyle Dunaith.

After the events the clan retired to the Great Hall and were serenaded by Caelach and his harp. He sang a song that made Flora blush. Chief Lachlan made an agreement with Beogar to have Beogar’s sister Lisbeth stay with the MacLismore’s as a sign of good faith. Meanwhile Caelach and Flora snuck away because Flora started to develop a headache due to the noise of the hall.

Shortly after the doors burst open with a gust of wind and a hooded figure entered the hall, and demanded to speak with the clan members only. She was Mor’Druid Gwydia and she brought solemn words for the MacLismores.

When fire turns to coal
Beware the Sanguine wolf
Who bears a black soul.

When rain turns to mud
Horror will be found under the tree
With the fruit of dark blood

When whom the gods love dies
Thrown across the land
A cloak of lies

When giants return from the sea
Heard across the moors
The cry of the banshee

Discovery of two
Green of hair and strange of tongue
Signal the fall of one’s rule

Heed thy warning
Those who dwell on the lakeshore
Or prepare for mourning.

This troubled the clansmen, and brought about much discussion which was interrupted by the arrival of a wounded Finian MacTalamard who was wounded, from a group of Sell-axes who attempted to assault him as he crossed the Giants Teeth. After treating Finian’s wound, the clan discovered that a boy was hidden in Finian’s wagon. He claimed his name was Cuthbert, but eventually the truth was revealed that the boy was in fact Queen Wynda in disguise.

A few days later, A column of men appeared on the horizon yet their banners could not be made out.

Campaign Primer

You are members of one of the Great Clans of Caerbia. You have a small castle on the shores of Loch Lismore. The keep itself is Gaer’Lismore and the town surrounding the keep is named Lismorg. The town of Lismorg is home to approximately two hundred individuals.

One of your cousins, Finian MacTalamard, is an Earl to the King of North Aethlia, King Hrodgar. The Queen, Wynda, is the niece of Finian, who has taken care of her since her father died in battle in her youth. You have known Wynda since her third winter. She would come with her uncle when he visited during the annual Games.

A year ago, King Wulfa of Faichtallia was assassinated. The assassin was captured and it was discovered he bore the crest of North Aethlia. This spurred the Widow Queen, Ealfith to order the invasion of North Aethlia. The war raged for a year. A month ago, Faichtallian forces laid siege to the North Aethlic capital of Torcbayle. King Hrodgar was mortally wounded during the siege by a lucky arrow. The city was captured shortly after. The Red Guard of Faichtallia searched the castle and township for Queen Wynda, but she has yet to be found. Queen Ealfith has put a bounty on her head for a vast sum of money, lands and titles.

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