North Aethlia

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Blazon: Parted per cross azure and vert, boar passant or, langued gules.
North Aethlia is the northern most kingdom of Aethlund. It’s capital is Torcbaile. It is ruled by King Hrodgar and his queen, Wynda.

Notable people

King Hrodgar son of Wigstan- 35yrs
Queen Wynda- 15yrs

Earl Finian MacTalamard of Gaetbayl- 36yrs

Counties of North Aethlia

  • Gaetbaylshire
  • Nenchalkshire
  • Fairgarthshire
  • Auchterwhit
  • Lanlarchshire
  • Ironleige
  • Nanowenshire

North Aethlia

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