The Skaldar and Fjallar were very fond of board games and games of wits. With seldom to do during the winter months, boardgames became incredibly popular. A person who was exceptionally skilled at boardgames was held in high esteem. Pieces were carved from ivory, bone, horn, stone or wood.

Konungtafl (King’s Table): A strategy game; Although the size of the board and the number of pieces varied, all games involved a distinctive 2:1 ratio of pieces, with the lesser side having a king-piece that started in the centre. The king’s objective was to escape to (variously) the board’s periphery or corners, while the greater force’s objective was to capture him.

Chess: Chess was brought to the Skaldic land by Eastern Traders

Dice Games were also very popular.

Flyting: The game consisted of pairs of men trading drinks and verbally sparring. With each drink, the participants were expected to compose and recite a verse of poetry, boosting their own reputation (with boasts of courageous and brave behavior) while disparaging their opponents (with taunts of cowardly behavior). As the drinking progressed, the intensity of the ridicule, boasts, and taunts increased as the drinkers became less and less inhibited. The goal was to maintain (or even enhance) verbal skill throughout the competition without showing the effects of alcohol.


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