Blazon: Parted per pale sable and gules, dexter eagle displayed toward sinister argent, sinister wolf head couped gules.
Faichtalia is one of the four kingdoms of Aethlund. It shares a southern border with North Aethlia, a northern border with Glanthia, and an eastern border with Beogandia. The capital is Gaerblaidd. It is ruled by the widow of King Wulfa, Queen Ealfith. The Queen is defended by The Red Guard.

Notable people

King Wulfa- deceased
Queen Ealfith- 25 yrs
Fray Olek

Sir Athelas, Captain of the Red Guard- 30yrs

Counties of Faichtalia

  • Naedburshire
  • Queenglenshire
  • Darkdrumshire
  • Pinehampshire
  • Kirkfairshire
  • Blaenflitshire
  • Skalupgangshire
  • Thornhurstshire


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