Creation Myth

Here is the Creation Myth of the world called, “Madstrag” or “Duintraile” depending on who you ask.
But for simplicity, we will refer to it as “Heimurinn”. The differing names are those given to the Companions by the Skaldar and Caerduine respectively.

At the beginning of time, there was nothing. The Void, as the sages call it, was what existed; a great expanse of darkness. Despite the darkness of the Void, it was not empty. Creatures of unknown shape and figured dwelled here. This period of darkness continued for a millennium. The creatures of darkness wallowed in the grime and filth of the void.

This is when newcomers appeared in the Void, the Eight Companions. With them, they brought light. The creatures of darkness hated the light and recoiled from it.

Now like the world, the Eight are known by different names.

The leader was called Worgi or Wathain. He was the eldest of the group, and bore a blond beard.
The second was Valling or Malla. She was so beautiful that she glowed with radiant light.
The third is named Velfur or Spairod. These three were sibilings, though it is unknown who begat them.

Then there was Riggsi or Farthach. He was the biggest of the Eight, and stood twice as tall.
There is Fryigg or Dorcha, her hair was as black as the Void itself.

There are the twins, Kjallisi or Oghear and Bjarndur or Faohier. These two brought two of the most powerful things into the world, Ice and Fire.

The last of the Eight was, Laturan or Baseag. He was queer. Quiet and sneaky, he loved the darkness.

So the Void Creatures hated the Eight. They cursed the light and fled from it. One of the creatures, whose name has been long forgotten decided to try and kill the Eight. He gathered and army and plotted to wipe light form the Void forever.

Not there was one being who like the light and did not like the idea of it being snuffed from existance. His name was Madur or Duin. He told the eight of of the Forgotten One’s plan. The eight began to argue. Worgi, Valling, and Velfur, trusted Madur; but Kjallisi, Bjarndur and Laturan didn’t. Riggsi and Fyrigg wanted nothing to do with the conflict.

The Forgotten One, seeing the divide decided to corrupt the Eight. He poisoned them with a dark spell. Those who trusted Madur were able to fend off the poison, but those who didn’t, succumbed to the pestilence and joined the Forgotten One.

Thus the battle began. Worgi, Valling, and Velfur were fallen upon by the hordes of darkness. Surrounded on all sides, the three fought valiantly, but it appeared that all was lost. Untill Worgi pushed his way through to the Forgotten One.

The Forgotten One raised his axe and mace and charged at Worgi. There in the middle of the field they clashed. The Forgotten One cleaved Worgi’s shield in twain, and shattered his sword. Worgi stumbled backwards, feeling for a weapon. The Forgotten One Raised his weapons to the sky in victory and made to strike Worgi down. But luckily Worgi’s hand found the shaft of a spear and jabbed it into the Forgotten Ones throat. He fell and disappeared.

Upon their leader’s death the armies of darkness fell away in retreat.

The three who had been poisoned returned to their natural state and the day was theirs. But battle is not with out price. Madur had fallen during the battle. The Eight gave him a funeral, which all funerals of man mimic. Shortly after Madur’s burial, dark clouds filled the sky, and lightening struck the site, splitting the earth. From this crack sprouted the a tree.

The Eight made homes for themselves among the branches of the great tree, and set upon building the Nine Worlds of Varcougin.

Creation Myth

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