Age of Iron

43 AoI

  • Regon Aeredus IV seeks to invade Cyfandir after numerous raids on border outposts by the Aethlic Peoples. The Aethlic King, Raenuldi discovers Aeredus’s plan and begins to gather his forces. Regon Aeredus IV appoints bold general, Vula Ursus to lead the invasion.

45 AoI

  • After two years of planning and gathering forces General Ursus finally begins the invasion of Aethlia. Ursus sends Commander Casamir with two divisions to secure a foothold.
  • Battle of Voldia River- A substantial force of Aethlic warriors lead by Cuthgar the Boar and King Raenuldi. The battle raged for two days, before the Ottari Force was finally victorious. The Aethdyn were pushed back to the Balford River. On the second day, Raenuldi was hit by a javalin. The Otarri chased the Aethdyn through the marshes near Balford.
  • King Raenuldi dies shortly after the battle from his wounds.
  • Casamir sends word to Ursus to join him at the Balford Crossing.

47 AoI

  • The Province of Aethlia (named for the Aethlic people) is added to the Ottari Empire, and Galerius Pontius is appointed governor of Aethlia, and begins to make deals with the locals to become Imperial Citizens. He also begins a campaign to place the rest of the country under Ottari Control. He sends General Nyctinus Aristos army to concur the lands to the north and Ursus’s army to the west to defeat the barbarian tribes of Clochgyn.

50 AoI

  • Due to the Clochdyn not possessing Iron weapons, Ursus and his army quickly took over the about a third of the peninsula. But their reach went no further as soldiers started to fall ill and die after being attacked by strange monsters. Ursus proclaimed that Clochgyn was a cursed land, and it should be walled off from the rest of the empire.
  • August- Nyctinus reaches the landmark known to the locals as the The Giant’s Teeth. His native guides warn him not to venture into Caerbia. Trusting his advisors, he decided to not enter Caerbic lands.

52 AoI

  • Construction begins on the wall between Aethlia and Clochgyn.
  • The Beginning of Vondica’s Uprising.
  • March- General Manius Cantius Aquilla begins the invasion Svartikogur.
  • July- Battle of Caedminium Vondica leads a force of 2000 warriors, and 500 chariots to attack the Ottari Garrison at Caedminium. Vondica’s forces defeat the Ottari after a few hours of fighting. The warriors fought naked, and painted with warpaint or woad. The sight terrified the Ottari Soldiers so much they fled the field.
  • Battle of Coermaar- General Manius’s legion clashes with Gunthard Meist-Beard near the Coermaar River. At the end of the day, the Ottari routed Gunthard’s warriors.
  • Galerius orders his soldiers to train naked so they become desensitized to the shock of fighting in the nude
  • September- Battle of Torreda Ottari soldiers engage Vondica’s army and after a day of fighting Vondica is captured.
  • October- Vondica is executed by beheading. Effectively putting down the rebellion.

53 AoI

  • March- Galerius dies and Publius Lucilius Adventus replaces him
  • Publius seeks to invade Caerbia
  • July- The beginning of the Otarri Invasion of Caerbia
  • August- The Otarri Commander, Mersicus takes a Svartikoger bride, and abandons the Otarri Empire

54 AoI

  • The Battle of the Strelf Forest- In an attempt to capture Mersicus and bring him to trial General Manius Cantius Aquilla sends a detatcment of 500 soldiers accompanied by 300 Auxillaries from Frynardia and Svartikogur to the Strelf Forest where Mersicus is rumored to live. Mersicus sees the advance and rallies the tribal leaders from the Strelf Forest Region to combat the Otarri. The Svartikogur army slaughters the detachment during a night attack.

56 AoI

  • The Majority of Caerbia is under the control of the Ottari

59 AoI

  • Otarri Forces secure the Western half of Svartikogur

61 AoI

  • Beginning of the Otarri Civil War After Emperor Lucius Lollius dies with out an heir, the mayors of the Five Major Otarri cities fight for control of the empire.

62 AoI

  • By the end of the year Caelus Petilius Tertius of Trevince is victorious, and crowns himself the new Emperor of Aideon. He creates the Ottari Senate. He also seeks to expand the Otarri Empire into Canoltyr and Aviuma. He succeeds in annexing Canoltyr with little to no bloodshed. But Aviuma proves to be more difficult.

63 AoI

  • October- A good portion of Aviuma is secured under Otarri Control.
  • December- Trade routes are established between the newly established region of Aviumica and the lands to the Far East.

69 AoI

  • The Aviumic Revolt- Aviumic peoples begin to resist Otarri Rule. As a result General Lars Cocceius lays siege to the great city of Xirasol. The walls of which were said to be impregnable. Using a new invention, called the Trometheus; Cocceius is able to smash the walls of Xirasol, causing the city to fall quickly. The exact details of the Trometheus have been lost to history, but accounts of the battle reveal that the Tromethus was a massive iron bell, that when fired, “summoned the power of the gods” and, “called upon thunder and fire”, and “spewed smoke and fire, like that of a dragon”. With the loss of the city the Aviumic people submitted to Otarri Rule.

71 AoI

  • Caelus Petilius Tertius dies of natural causes and is replaced by Senator Proclus Stertinius Congrio.

83 AoI

  • Frorrian under King Glaeltun cross the Coermaar River and invade the Otarri province of Uthos, beginning a two-year war with the Empire

85 AoI

  • Following an Otarri victory against the Frorrians at Rorluld, the Forrian King Glaeltun campaigns for peace. The Otarri Senate grants favorable terms to Glaeltun, with Froria becoming an Otarri client kingdom and receives massive annual subsidies

89 AoI

  • Caius Vinicius Carius, military governor of Svartikogur Superior, revolts against Emperor’s rule
    Under orders from Emperor Proclus Stertunius Congrio, the general Vitalion defeats Carius and restores imperial control over Svartikogur Superior.

92 AoI

  • Proclus is assassinated by his own daughter, Cornelia, who takes control in his place.
  • The Senate wasn’t pleased with the methods that Cornelia took power. Mysteriously all of the Senate disappeared shortly after plotting to remove Cornelia from power. Cornelia crowned herself Empress of Aideon.

93 AoI

  • Cornelia decrees that the Worship of the Trinity is to be outlawed, and introduces worship of a deity called Mauthe. She constructs statues and temples dedicated to this new goddess.

94 AoI- 199 AoI

  • Cornelia lives an unnaturally long life, and rules in a reign of terror. She is known to grasp the power of magic and rumors spread of her making a pact with the Fae Queen Maude, who’s names shares a remarkable similarity to the goddess she forced everyone to worship.

200 AoI

  • On the Night of the Summer Solstice, Cornelia partakes in a ritual of unknown purpose. When morning comes. All members of the Otarri Upper Echelon have disappeared with out a trace.

Age of Iron

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