Age of Giants

  • Fae inhabit Heimurinn
  • Alfar (Elves) appear in the Skaldic Lands
  • Giants arrive on Heimurinn
  • Creation of the Seven Great Giant Kindgoms

~300 AoG-

  • The giants erect monoliths and henges in Caerbia and North Aethland and force the Fae to hide in the Underland.
  • Construction of the Giant’s Road

~400 AoG-

  • The Fae try to reclaim Heimurinn from the Giants. Thus begining the First Giant-Fae War.
  • The giants create Trolls to help fight the Fae.

~600 AoG-

  • The Giants defeat the Fae.
  • The Fae make a pact with the Elves, giving them magical powers.

~750 AoG-

  • Birth of Queen Reina of the Fae Realms.

~1500 AoG-

  • Under the leadership of Queen Reina the Fae begin to draw magic from the Monoliths and Henges built by the giants in Cyfandir and begin to gain a foot hold.

~1650 AoG-

  • The Fae finally grow powerful enough to attack the giants again.
  • The Second Giant-Fae War

~1900 AoG-

  • The Fae secure control of Cyfandir and Northern Fynard
  • King Alorroch the Mountain comes to power.
  • A truce between the Giants and the Fae is signed.

~2400 AoG-

  • A Fae Maiden, Agava falls in love with a giant called, Modnas.
  • Eventually Agava becomes pregnant, and gives birth to twins Eikur, and Alma. The first two humans.
  • Queen Reina finds out about the new race and enslaves them.
  • Modnas is killed by Alorroch for bedding a Fae
  • Having her love and children stolen from her, Agava throws herself off a cliff. Legend says, her soul became the first Banshee

~4500 AoG-

  • Queen Reina is slain by a Dullahan hired by an unknown giant. Her daughter Queen Maude swears to rid the world of all Giants.
  • The Beginning of the Third Giant-Fae War.
  • Queen Maude convinces the Elves to join with her to destroy the Giants.
  • A group of humans escapes the bonds of their Fae masters and heads south towards Malnova

~5000 AoG-

  • The Elves and Fae finally wipe out the last of the Giants.
  • The Fae and Elves divide up the lands taken from the Giants.

Age of Giants

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