Age of Elves

Note: Most of this knowledge is not known to most if any people of Aideon

After the defeat of the giants, the Fae and Elves share the world, using humans as slaves. The elves dominate modern Svartikogur and Kjallnorr

c. 1 AoE

  • The Rise of the Elvish Noble Houses: Tulikasai, Mizuvesi, Tochimaa, Ilmaakuki, Sunolumi, Saaridao, Kangafumi, Kettungen, and Karvonen.
  • Begining of the Ensiho Period

c.125 AoE

  • First mention of Kelo the Deceiver in the Alfinga Saga

c.132 AoE

  • Beginning of the Civil War of Hayhaa. The first great civil war between House Tulikasai and House Saaridao.
  • The Civil War eventually pulls all of the Elvish houses into the conflict.

c.146 AoE

  • The rise of Shaman Queen Sunolumi Okimiha, who puts an end to the civil war. She uses magic to expose the reason of the brutal conflict and discovers Kelo’s manipulations and banishes him from all Elvish lands.

Age of Elves

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