Age of Bronze

  • The smelting and smithing of bronze, spreads across Heimurinn.
  • The Ottari inhabit Malnova

10 AoB-

  • May- The Malnovian City-States come to power

19 AoB-

  • March 13th- The Malnovian City-State of Gandova make an alliance with their neighbors, Pemno and Entrofe (Gando-Entro-Pem Alliance).
  • March 29th- The Malnovian City-State of Rafinmos makes an alliance with Arthos and Vadelli as a response to Gandova’s treaty (Rafathovadi Union). Sparthous is the only City State not allied with anyone.

20 AoB-

  • January- Tensions between Gando-Entro-Pem Alliance and Rafathovadi Union grow
  • April 15th- Beginning of the First Malnovian War: Regon Labrax of Gandova declares war on the Rafathodovadi Union.
  • July 1st- Battle of Scelois: The forces clash in the olive orchards outside Scelios. The Alliance proves to be victorious routing the Union forces from the battlefield in mid-afternoon.
  • September-29th- Battle of Corvicus: The First Naval Battle in recorded History. The Union had superior ships and sunk the majority of the Alliance Fleet. But the Alliance was able to capture one of the Union ships which was used to model the New Alliance fleet after.

24 AoB-

  • February 9th- Battle of Erygo: With their new fleet Alliance forces under Praefectus Adamus engage Union Forces near Erygo. The battle rages far into the night, but the Alliance Fleet eventually is victorious, though sustaining heavy loses.
  • April 18th- Regon Zetico of Vadelli begs Regon Timothy of Sparkous to lend the Union soldiers. Timothy Agrees but only if his soldiers get first pick of the spoils and are paid handsomely.
  • December 12th- Union Forces march on Entrofe.
  • December 14th- The Siege of Entrofe: The Union forces use a new weapon called Dragon’s Breath. A siege weapon that sprays fire from it’s mouth up to 200yrds. They use it to rain fire down onto the city, causing wide spread panic.
  • December 23rd- The Union Forces, spearheaded by Sparthian soldiers storms the walls and Gate of Entrofe. Regon Darrion of Entrofe is killed and his head placed on a pike outside the gates.

26 AoB-

  • January 2nd- Regon Labrax and Regon Zetico sign a treaty that puts an end to the First Malnovian War.
  • January 4th: The Sparthians realize that another war is inevitable, begin to form their society into a warrior society, investing great time and money into weapons, training and armour.

35 AoB-

  • September 16th- Regon Labrax dies and is succeeded by Regon Lodvocio
  • Trade opens up between Malnova and Canoltyr

37 AoB-

  • January 8th-_ Regon Timothy_ dies and is succeeded by his son, Timothy II

48 AoB-

  • May 13th- Regon Timothy II wants to test his armies in battle and attacks Vadelli. The Sparthian armies are so well trained and disiplined they easily defeat and capture Vadelli.
  • June 29th- The Beginning of the Second Malnovian War

54 AoB-

  • Sparthian Armies succeed in capturing the whole Malnovian Peninsula and Timothy II crowns himself as Dominus Malnovus (King of Malnova). Putting an end to the Second Malnovian War.
  • The beginning with the an Golden Age for the Otarri

56 AoB-

  • Founding of the City of Otarrium, Capital of Timothy II’s empire, but unfortunately he died shortly after construction started.
    *Advances in Science and Medicine become commonplace.
  • Invention of Mortar and Concrete. Allowing for buildings to be built larger and last longer.

57 AoB

  • Febuary 9th- Regon Helgios the Bold comes to power via election. With the whole Malnovian peninsula under his control, Helgios turns his eyes to the lands in the North and to the East.

60 AoB

  • Helgios is voted out of power and replaced by Adrianus Pelimius. Adrianus seeks to open trade with other nations, and sends ambassadors to Frynardia to the north, Canoltyr to the East and to Aviumia across the sea.

76 AoB

  • A new religion from Aviumia begins to gain traction among the traders and merchants. It is called Thlathalah, or The Trinity.

80 AoB

  • May- Birth of Ruerd Wingaarden

92 AoB

  • Regon Lucius becomes the first Ottari Regon to become a follower of the Trinity, and seeks to spread it through out his empire.
  • July- Lucius appoints Tiberius Maximillian as General of the Army and gives him leave to invade Frynardia under the pretense of converting the barbarians to north and making them citizens of the Malnovian Empire. The tribes of Frynardia at first welcome the Otarri since they brought wealth and prosperity to the lands.
  • August- Lucius commissions the building of Haulia Saenctum, the first cathedral dedicated to the Trinity and appoints Izik ben Elsiar as Supreme Patriarch of the Trinity Church.

100 AoB

  • January- Ruerd Wingaarden’s mother is raped and killed by an unknown Otarri officer. Seeking revenge he starts to stoke the flames of rebellion.

102 AoB

  • Febuary 14th- Ruerd’s force of 300 men attacks the Ottari fort near Tormel. Attacking at night, They easily take the fort and slaughter the garrison of 500 soldiers. Ruerd proclaims that Worthi, an ancient god gave them the strength to destroy the invaders.
  • Ruerd begins a campaign of religious and cultural revival.
  • Regon Lucius II is furious when he hears of the attack on Tormel and sends a detatchment of his best troops to Frynardia to quell the rebellion.
  • September 31st- Battle of Gailhaul Under the command of Commander Lysus III 1000 Otarri soldiers advance on Ruerd’s horde of 3000 warriors. Despite the advantage of numbers Ruerd’s warriors are lightly armored and don’t have the training of the professional Otarri Soldiers. ~2500 of Ruerd’s warriors are killed on the field of battle. Ruerd himself is captured, dragged back to Otarrium where he is flogged and ultimately crucified.
  • The defeat of Ruerd represses any will to rebel.

105 AoB

  • The Ottari expand their borders into Svartikogur and to the border of Cyfandir.

134 AoB

  • Invention of Iron

Age of Bronze

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