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  • Homebrew Rules/Races

    Here I will list things that I have home-brewed to make the Song of Ice and Fire RPG closer to my own world. * [[Alfar Outcast | Alfar Outcast]] * Magic

  • Alfar Outcast

    The Alfar are a race of mysterious humanoids that live in the far north. Though most elves rarely seen by human eyes, occasionally an Outcast (learn about the Alfar [[The Alflands | here]]) makes their way from Alfskardi Passes into human lands. …

  • Magic

    Magic is mostly unknown to the masses. It is a feared art and even those who have knowledge of ancient spells are hesitant to use it. Though some people are born with the ability of Foresight and Skin Changing (most notably the Bjornskjynn and the …