Syr Leobold (Luitbald) Greatmane, the Long Claw.

Svartikogurn Knight pledged to Clan MacLismore, ex-Order of the Boar




Description: Leobold is a tall, broad man, standing like a great oak amongst his stout adopted kinsmen. His golden mane is sheared short around the sides to fall in one long braid down the rear, preventing his family’s namesake long hair from obscuring his periphreals in battle. His face is pale and gaunt, with a large scar crossing from his brow to his chin— a mark of the conflict that brought him to the Clan MacLismore. He wears his golden mustache neat and his bushy beard well-trimmed to hide the length of the scar. Clad in a suit of chainmail and a cuirass of black iron, adorned with the visage of great maned lions. On his back, he wears the hand-and-a-half bastard sword of his family, Pride, the golden crossguard decorated with two roaring lions. His shield is wood banded with iron, marked with the heraldry of his house— An Or lion, Rampant in Dexter, with a mane of Gules on a field of Sable per Argent pale, marking his position as a bastard. He wears the pelt of a great lion, with a large full mane, around his shoulders. It was brought from across the sea and given to him while he served in Torcbayl.


Born the only living child to the lord of a lesser house of Svartikogur, Leobold was a bastard sired by the Lord with a forester’s wife. Nine months later, the Lord was about to send the woman and child away before he saw his same eyes in the babe and knew it was his own. With the death of his two prior sons, lack of a true heir, and the barren nature of his wife— he was forced to legitimize the child. For sixteen years he was tutored at the Berghof of his father, learning the ways of war and battle, before being taken on as his father’s squire. Through honorable service and his fierce fighting skill, he himself was knighted and served the greater Lord his father was pledged to.

On his twenty-fourth year, great tribulation came to his realm as the Lord of his father was killed by his brother, throwing the demense into turmoil. His father refused service to the upstart lord and was killed for his rebellion, his keep sacked and his head places upon a pike. Grabbing the family sword and what little he could carry, Leobold rode into the night to escape the purge. For many days he rode West in flight, his father’s killer quick at his heels, before finally reaching Cyfandir. As he camped in the Duachwoods, in the land of Clan MacLismore, he was descended upon by the murderers. He fought bravely and fiercly, but was eventually overpowered and near slain. He was saved by the Chief of Clan MacLismore, on a hunting trip in the woods, whose hunters made quick work of the abushed brigands. Pledging his life and service to the Chief, he used his skill in battle and tutelage in the art of war to benefit the Clan, his new home.

That was nearly eight years ago, in which time he rode South to serve King Hrodgar of North Aethlia, in his Order of the Boar, before the death of the king and the disbanding of the order. His fierce fighting spirit at the Siege of Torcbayl against the Faichtalians earned him the nickname of ‘The Lion of the Crags, Fenns, and Moors’. After the disbanding of the Order of the Boar, he lost purposes in Torcbayl and rode North to return to the land of his Liegelord, hearing word of the murder of Chief Lochlan.

Syr Leobold (Luitbald) Greatmane, the Long Claw.

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