Caelach MacLismore

Warrior, bard, and free clansman


Age 33; Gender male; House MacLismore


Caelach was born at Gaer’Lismorg to Lachlan MacLismore and an insignificant milkmaid who died in childbirth. As such, Caelach is bastard-born, but has managed to forge some small renown and respect due to his skills in intrigue, language, and lore. He was once betrothed to Etain, but ended their union before the one-year pre-marital period. Unbeknownst to him, he left her with child and has since regretted his decision. Unlike most members of his clan, Caelach has traveled relatively far, having seen Aethlings and even a troll and an outcast elf on singular occasions.

Caelach MacLismore

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