The Heimurinn Chronicles

The MacLismore Cycle: Letters, Wisps, and Accusations

Session Three

Luil 29th 578, Third Age of Mankind

After the death of Lachlan MacLismore, the remaining members of the clan have become uneasy. They recieved two letters, one for a “Chief MacLismore”, and one for a “Lady MacLismore”. The one for the Chief was from Queen Ealfith, stating that her brother, King Cuthberht’s army, numbering 8,000 strong was marching towards the town of Darkdrum. She begged for their help and said she would raise the payment of 7,000 dalers to 10,000 dalers if they would lend assistance.
The other letter was for Breilyn from Syr Athelas. It was a letter about how her beauty was a sight for weary eyes. With all of the current happenings, Breilyn was unsure of whether it was truth or some fabrication.

They called a council of Tasgal Grand, the Master-at-Arms; Cranog Maddoc, the Castellan; and Wynda. Tasgal was furious about Lachlan’s death and called for joining Queen Ealfith’s Cause. Cranog was more wary, saying that it was not their fight. Wynda was completely against joining, “that treacherous slattern.” By the end of it all, the clan decided to send a pigeon to King Cuthberht asking for clarification on the “rumors they had heard”. They also sent a group of four clansmen under the guise of cattle drivers to gather information in the south. Aonghas also revealed that the journal he had been given by the Mor’Druid Gwydia had given him another page of the Mor’Druid Emrys Fidgen’s writing; detailing the story of the Lost Blade of Lismor the Wolf.

On the bewitching hour of the 31st of Luil, Breilyn was awakened by Aakko pawing and mewling at her apartment door. When she opened the door, the catamount slipped out and down the hall. Worrying that he was going to wander off she followed. The puma lead her out of the keep, through the village and towards the Duachwood.
There among the trees she saw a light, similar to the one that she had seen previously during the hunting outing.
Aakko stalked the light through the underbrush, eventually leading Breilyn to a clearing. The cat pawed at the ground as if searching for something in the dirt. She fell to her knees and began to scrape away the earth. There was a rumble of thunder, followed by a cracking, and she fell into darkness.

She found herself in a dark stone room. The moonlight illuminated the surroundings, and she could make out sconces in the walls. The torches were wet with pitch, despite being underground for an unknown amount of time. She found flint and steel and managed to get one of the torches lit. Aakko paced at the rim of the hole, searching for a way down to his beloved partner. He slids down a pile of stones which blocked a staircase that lead to the surface. Whispers could be heard in the darkness, but as Breilyn called out to them they did not respond. A breath could be heard, uttering, “MacLismore… MacLismore…” A light appeared in one of the three passages. She heard the breath speak again, “Come….. Come….” She felt the darkness grow, despite the torchlight. She knelt, and asked Aakko, to head back to the castle and get her cousin and the druid. He whimpered, but reluctantly clambered up the stairs and out to find help…

Meanwhile, back at Gaer’Lismore, guards had roused Caelach and Aonghas, informing them that Breilyn had wandered in the Dark Wood. Caelach and Aonghas, fearing for their cousin’s well being sprinted to the timberland. Once their, Aonghas used his druidic abilities to search for the elf-girl. He gained sight of the clearing and her falling into blackness, as well as the path she took. As they hurried through the dark trunks, they heard a rustling. They froze and drew their weapons when they saw a pair of eyes watching them from among the foilage. Fortunately it was Breilyn’s puma. They let out a sigh of relief, and as Aakko turned, they followed him to the barrow, Breilyn had discovered.

Now joined by her clansmen, Brielyn pointed out the wisp, but the others couldn’t see it. As they approached, it vanished. But as they continued down the passage, they came to a stone door, carved with a wolf. The runes on the door read “Lismor the Wolf” The forest light floated in front of it, and slid through the door. Aonghas felt an ancient magic behind the door. Caelach and Breiliyn pushed it open, and they found themselves in a cavern with a waterfall, and a lone stone slab against the far wall. Atop the slab was a body that appeared not to have any signs of decay. Aonghas noticed that the hair shifted between green and brown.
As Caelach approached, the corpse’s eyes shot open, but instead of eyes there was green fire. It stood and drew a massive sword of Black Steel. It swung at Caelach, biting into his armour. Breilyn, terrified did her best to remain hidden. Aakko on the otherhand, his fur bristling, lept at the wight and racked the beings form, but the creature tossed the cat aside. Aonghas thinking back to his knowledge of magic, drew his dagger and plunged it into the side of the draugr. The wight shrieked an unearthly scream and exploded into green flame, throwing everyone back, it’s sword clattering to the floor. Caelach retrieved the blade and in his head he heard a raspy voice say, “I am not your’s”. Aonghas was given the same message when he held the blade. Breilyn though; the blade said “I am not your’s she-elf” They returned to the castle, well worn by the nights events.

On the 35th of Luil, the clan had barely finished their morning meal when the doors to the great hall were thrown open and an imposing woman, with dark hair and eyeliner strode in; her bear-skin cloak billowing behind her. She was followed by a young girl of 13 with auburn hair and 10 of her own clansmen.
CAELACH!” she shouted. She stepped up to the new chief and knocked him to the floor, bloodying his nose in the process. “I DEMAND TO KNOW WHY YOU ATTACKED THE TOWN OF ARDIFF!” The clansmen of MacLismore had no idea what she was talking about. Aonghas used his druidic powers to see what she was talking about. He was greeted by a horrific sight: houses burned, the bodies of men, women and children scatted across the ground, and sheep and cattle slaughtered. Aonghas was able to calm down Etain, but she demanded to have answers and gave them one week to discover who attacked her village, or else there would be blood to pay…



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