The Heimurinn Chronicles

Campaign Primer

You are members of one of the Great Clans of Caerbia. You have a small castle on the shores of Loch Lismore. The keep itself is Gaer’Lismore and the town surrounding the keep is named Lismorg. The town of Lismorg is home to approximately two hundred individuals.

One of your cousins, Finian MacTalamard, is an Earl to the King of North Aethlia, King Hrodgar. The Queen, Wynda, is the niece of Finian, who has taken care of her since her father died in battle in her youth. You have known Wynda since her third winter. She would come with her uncle when he visited during the annual Games.

A year ago, King Wulfa of Faichtallia was assassinated. The assassin was captured and it was discovered he bore the crest of North Aethlia. This spurred the Widow Queen, Ealfith to order the invasion of North Aethlia. The war raged for a year. A month ago, Faichtallian forces laid siege to the North Aethlic capital of Torcbayle. King Hrodgar was mortally wounded during the siege by a lucky arrow. The city was captured shortly after. The Red Guard of Faichtallia searched the castle and township for Queen Wynda, but she has yet to be found. Queen Ealfith has put a bounty on her head for a vast sum of money, lands and titles.



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